ProICT Training Celebrates World Environment Day

Online learning has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education


  1. Clean use of energy
  2. The paperless study can help to save trees- Online Study encourages paperless study that will help in saving trees.paperless1
  3. Saves Time
  4. Lower Cost– The student needs to pay thousands of dollars to attend the prestigious school. For that, the colleges will have to charge for the course fee, tuition fee, busy classroom furniture and all the staff for the institute and after all these things you won’t always get the exact output whatever you exactly want. So logically the online programming is cheaper compared to traditional courses and it helps to reduce the cost as well as it saves the environment. The tree cutting may decrease if the institutes will not use the furniture and books for the students for those who cannot afford the highest fee of the institutes it will really helpful for those people so that’s something you should always keep in mind.
  5. We saved the best part for last- Many online courses are completely free of charge. ProICT TRAINING, for example, offers all course materials online without very low charges. Courses don’t usually come with the certificate of completion, but they are still more than useful for anyone who wants to learn from prestigious educators. But the best part is that ProICT Training Offers certification and courses both for students.
  6. You can learn whatever you want- The traditional study is good in every manner but that would involve traveling away from home, living away with your family and in a new city you have to establish yourself and struggle alone in the highest competitive environment. But Online education helps to prevent all these problems.
  7. Online Education Is Totally Worth the Effort- The online education is cost-effective and convenient for everyone as well as it will good for the environment too. These two advantages of online learning that helps the student to opt to study online platform where the earn a certification or course. The best part of online learning is that student will study with their comfort and can learn in relax mood. Whenever you will be in relax mood you can start your study that will increase your concentration and capability with this method you will stay happy and healthy this will be useful for your environment. From that point on, you will be the master of your own education.paperless time-management1
  8. Learning transcends the classroom- Not only do we offer opportunities for experiential learning outside of the classroom, it enables students to make connections and apply their learning in the real world.
  9. Critical and creative thinking skills are enhanced– The research ability will develop after joining the online classes ProICT Training encourage students to research, investigate why things happen and enhancing the capability of taking the decision for complex environmental issues. By doing all this the student will easily get the chance to think about their career as well as environment.
  10. Tolerance and understanding are supported- ProICT Training encourages students to find various sides to understand the full picture of their course.
  11. State and national learning standards are met for multiple subjects- ProICT Training making the chance to practice with other students without going any other place that will help for practices into the curriculum, teachers can integrate every activity, and satisfy numerous state and national academic standards in all subject areas. Taking a class outside or bringing nature indoors provides an excellent backdrop for online learning.paperless
  12. Healthy lifestyles are encouraged- ProICT Training helps students to find the way to maintain their lifestyle to make them happy and healthy. We try to get our best for students to make their stress is low due to increased time spent in nature.
  13. Biophobia and nature deficit disorder decline- By exposing students to nature and allowing them to learn online and play outside that will give enough time to study and play outside, ProICT Training appreciates the students for their respect for the environment.  It combats “nature deficit disorder” … and it’s FUN!
  14. Students and teachers are empowered- ProICT Training promotes active learning. It empowers youth to share their voice and make a difference at their school and in their communities. I hope these benefits will give you the confidence and commitment to incorporate with ProICT Training into your curriculum!

MySQL DBA Certification Training Online With ProICT Training

Learn #MySQL DBA Certification Training Online With ProICT Training including all the concepts like

  • MySQL Workbench
  • MySQL Server
  • Data Modeling
  • MySQL Connector
  • Database Design
  • MySQL Commandline
  • MySQL Functions


At The End of the training, you will be able to create and administer your own MySQL Database and manage data.
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Online “Android APP Development Certification” Training with ProICT Training

What Is Android App Development

An Android app could be a software system application running on the automation platform. as a result of the automation platform is constructed for mobile devices, a typical automaton app is intended for a smartphone or a computer running on the automation OS.

How Important Android Now’a Days


android app development

Android has reached 500 million activated devices worldwide, and slowly however sure as shooting devices running the package area unit creating their means into the market. There area unit such a large amount of choices to transfer to the Google Play Store, I made a decision to learn few of the applications that we automated daily and must be habitual of those. I live and die by these apps, though a number of them perhaps be a trifle geeky they still stay terribly helpful.
With the nice development in technology, life is additionally obtaining busier day by day. Currently, it’s our job to stay sensible with this enhancements. Let’s take an example of Smartphone; because the craze of iPads, iPhones, or automaton phones raises the usage of apps is additionally increasing drastically. Exploitation applications are in trend currently, therefore, developers continuously attempt to offer the best app that creates your life easier. Their area uncountable mobile applications area unit being launched every day, however, does one very is aware of that one is for you? to answer this question, one can have to be compelled to install the applications and can have to be compelled to check the options.

Role of ProICT Training In Android Development

Our Android development online course is certified by Google. And Google plans to train approximately 2M android developers in Every Country in next 3 years as the app ecosystem grows stronger with advances in IoT, mobile devices and has chosen ProICT Training as one of the partners to realize this goal. We have 128K + satisfied learners those are satisfied with our lectures.

In this article, I am trying to inform the people that how Android Development helps in daily life because I experience the app development is terribly Important in daily lifestyle.